New inclusion

Intelligent and future focused inclusion

Our Ambition

To continuously innovate our consulting to drive inclusion and develop inclusive leadership

Value to you

There is always immense value with any great talent programme. Now imagine a great talent programme combined with a core focus on inclusion that focuses on decisive actions in order to drive real change. Such a programme aligns itself powerfully to deliver an organisation’s desired culture, diversity of its talent and improved business performance, along with embedding inclusive leadership behaviours to develop current and future leaders who have a competitive edge.

How we do it

As a group of consultants and creatives, we challenge current thinking, we hold up a mirror to current behaviour and we create leaders who think and behave for the future and not just now.

We design and deliver innovative leadership and diversity & inclusion solutions and consulting to execute world class integrated and multi-platform interventions, both in-person and virtually.

The New Inclusion learning model is pioneering. We have developed a way to deliver engaging content and combine it with intelligent data and engagement insights. Our solutions and consulting focus on reinvention, business improvement, adding value and developing a growth mindset.

We equip our clients with useful intel and a skillset to think and behave boldly and inclusively.

We help them to develop strategies, skills and understanding to meet current and future demands of the business, employees, clients and the market.

We deliver this through various digital solutions, channels and integrated platforms.

What we do

Our consultancy focus is to deliver innovative thinking, talent and learning & development solutions to drive positive culture change, embed inclusive, leadership behaviours and develop effective global leaders for today and tomorrow.

People we work with, stand out because they aren’t just developing themselves, rather they are the ones changing their environment and culture. Leaders on our programmes challenge status quo, collaborate and navigate better for greater inclusion within their teams, workplaces, virtual spaces and communities.

  • D&I consulting
  • Future of work & scenario planning
  • Engagement data, trends & analysis 
  • Multi-platform virtual/flexible learning
  • Digital Inclusion Solutions – Intelligent Conferencing
  • Event/workshop design & facilitation

Inclusion Suite

Virtual Inclusion Conference (VIC)

Our flagship virtual full-day conference coming to you live along with recorded content via app and desktop access.

Leadership Development

Our 3, 6 or 12 month programme embeds change towards more inclusive behaviours.

Leadership Conference

The 1 or 2 day Inclusion Conference will provide for a high-impact event delivered in person or virtually.

D & I Training

We deliver a large number of in-person workshops and virtual training via multi-platform hosted webinars or for smaller groups via GoToMeeting and Zoom sessions.

Our People

We have a diverse team from different backgrounds and specialisms. We’re a team of management consultants, D&I experts, creative design, digital design, communications and operations. We have global experience and our backgrounds are in strategic and/or operational roles in a variety of SME and large corporate organisations.

Huma Qazi

Founder & Principal Consultant

Global citizen and idea generator. Believes freedom feeds innovation. Her best creative self, late at night, when the world is asleep.

Áine Maher 

Lead Consultant, D&I and NRS

Conscientious and eloquent. Delivers a compelling neuro-lens and perspective to all her projects. ‘Unlearning to learn’ aficionado. 

Natasha Vorrasi

Senior D&I Consultant and Lead Coach

An eye for detail and ready to challenge with different viewpoints. Has excellent global experience and coaching insights.

Shiva Raichandani

D&I Content Consultant

Visual thinker and creative writer. Challenges status quo with brave and game-changing storytelling. Blessed with a quick wit and nuance.

Sara Chandran

D&I Consultant

Fast and fearless! Has a finger on the D&I pulse and is culturally and societally savvy. A brilliant brainstorm partner.

Sofia Beale

D&I Consultant

A trustee, lawyer, and consultant. Empathetic and passionate about D&I, with an interest in return-to-work for parents and mental health.

Kate Stuart

Creative Director

A creative powerhouse. Conceptualises a vision and brings it to life with unique branding and graphic design skills like no other.

Saad Ali Khan

Digital Solutions Manager

A digital 3D artist at heart. With a passion for data, analytics and animation. He only rests when a solution has been found.

Rebecca Westaway

Project Manager and D&I Engagement

A writer, researcher, amateur artist and photographer. A role model for social change with all her volunteering efforts.

Megan Lema

Executive Assistant

Organised, quick, and superbly resourceful. Meticulous yet mindful, as a trusted and strategic partner.

Our Clients


Diversity Calendar

Take a moment to appreciate the diversity that surrounds us. Much like diverse spices and herbs, each individual contributes distinct flavors to enhance our shared experiences. Let’s cherish the fact that we are different, savour the variety, and play to our collective strengths as we navigate this year. Be joyful, be helpful, be kind. Diversity is the spice of life, and inclusion is the recipe that brings out the best in all of us.