Diana Manuel

Diana is a diversity and Inclusion assistant working with the New Inclusion Team to support them with research, new content and D&I and Privilege Project related initiatives.  Diana Is a recent Criminology graduate from the University of Nottingham. Throughout her studies, she developed a good range of skills to enable her to work successfully researching areas that were previously unfamiliar to her. From meeting a D&I officer and completing the module ‘Crimes and Harms of the Powerful’ during her studies, she was introduced to the world of D&I. The knowledge she acquired from this module was further widened by her experience volunteering with The Mojatu Foundation during the peak of COVID-19. This role involved delivering food and childcare supplies for refugees and vulnerable families, during which she had the opportunity to interact with families of varying backgrounds. This was very rewarding to experience first-hand the importance of inclusivity and exemplified to her how much of a difference it can make to an individual. Another of her modules at university titled ‘Miscarriages of Justice’ broadened her perspective on how an increase in D&I in real world situations can lead to a broadening of perceptions, which is instrumental to decision making for organisations.

Acting as a course representative emphasised the importance of approaching situations with inclusiveness in mind. This emphasised the fact that one size does not fit all, and every situation should be treated appropriately. Diana is passionate about work that makes a difference to people’s lives, whether it be big or small. To understand more about D&I, Diana often attends related webinars, helping to improve her knowledge of the area and kindle her interest. Diana is currently based in Glasgow, Scotland.